radiotags's mission is to create partnerships with our customers to increase output of UHF RFID tags. Using continuous feed laser printer technology, that generate instant success. We achieve this through collaboration, creativity and competence and a dedication to our customer that continues from the first conversation through successful implementation of the equipment and beyond. The solutions we produce are reliable, easy to use and robust yet economic.

radiotag is a responsible company that care of the environment when designing products and at day to day business. Above all radiotag is an ethical company with people of strong reputation which we will always strive to maintain.


radiotag's developers are established in the market and experienced in digital printing, AUTOID, RFID, label solutions and engine control software. We use advanced technology for a variety of applications from industrial products to highly sophisticated RFID solutions for the digital printing industry. We believe, the radio-itag® workflow is the most progressive technology we developed for our customers. As a result, the four-lane laser printer label publishing system is the first in the world being so flexible, compact and accurate for encoding RFID tags. The product was first shown to the public with great response at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 at Darmstadt, Germany, in year 2019.


radiotag gmbh is a privately owned company and was founded in July 2019. The company is a German-Japanese establishment. radiotag has his registered office in Xanten, Federal Republic of Germany. The goal of radiotag is to accelerate the numbers of individually printed and encoded RFID labels by expanding the web from single-lane to multi-lane.

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